About Caregivers One

When it comes to our loved ones, we naturally want the best care that feels just like family.
That’s how Caregivers One came into being.

Caregivers One provides non-medical home care services to people who need help with activities of daily living in their homes. But more than that, we provide personalized care and companionship for seniors and those with disabilities, which enhances their quality of life and allows them to remain in the comfort of home.

As the population of the United States continues to age, a new trend is emerging. More and more people who start needing help with activities of daily life want to age in the comfort of their own homes, rather than moving to an assisted living facility or any other group facilities or nursing home.

Caregivers One exists to provide care and companionship that allows seniors and others with special needs to thrive and live happily and independently in their homes for as long as they can and want to.

When abilities begin to decline and people need help with daily life, it’s usually family members who try to start helping. But adding caregiving to the other responsibilities of life can be overwhelming.

Caregivers One covers the full scope of needs, from help with the basic activities of daily living like bathing and assistance with grooming and dressing and also with meal preparation, assistance with errands and companionship.

Often times that extra assistance that we get makes a big difference to our wellness and enables us to live independently in our homes longer than would be able to stay in the home if we do not have the help.

Caregivers One looks forward to the opportunity of our caregivers/home care aide to provide you with the assistance you may need.

We look forward to hearing from you.